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Here you will find answers to some of the most common questions about your watch.

image on how to set the time on your automatic watch with nh35 movement

Setting the date / Time:

Your watch has a screw-down crown. This means that the first thing you need to do is unscrew the crown to position (0).

SETTING THE DATE - With the crown unscrewed, pull it out one notch to position (1) to set the date.

SETTING THE TIME - With the crown unscrewed, pull it out two notches to position (2) to set the time.

REMEMBER THIS - Return the crown to position (0) and screw it back in when you are finished.


If you do not have the proper tools, we recommend visiting your nearest jewelry store/watchmaker to have the length of the strap adjusted.


The strap is attached to the watch case using spring bars. The box comes with a tool to remove the strap, as well as two extra spring bars and pins for the strap.

To remove the strap: Insert the tool that came with the box into the lugs from the outside to press in the spring bar while pulling the strap out carefully from the case.



To do this, you need to screw the crown up - but not pull it out further - so that it is in position (0). Now you can rotate the crown "clockwise" (upwards) 30-40 times to wind up the movement (you should feel some resistance).

This watch is 20 ATM water-resistant, which means you can use it for swimming or diving. It features a screwed-in crown, meaning you have to unscrew the crown if you want to set the time or change the date. It is important that the crown is screwed in all the way if you use it in water or in environments with high humidity.

Do not manipulate the watch crown underwater or even in conditions with a high level of humidity.


Automatic watches can become inaccurate due to insufficient lubrication or wear and tear over time. It will keep accurate time if you do the following:

  • Protect the watch from falls and shocks. Avoid losing the watch or exposing it to external shocks. Since an automatic movement consists of many parts, the shock could cause damage to the movement and parts. The watch's exterior may also be damaged.
  • Avoid placing the watch near magnetic fields. Automatic watches will be disrupted if they are magnetized because they are powered by metal parts. If the watch is magnetized, it will lose accuracy.
  • Have an authorized watch service technician clean, adjust the lubrication and re-certify the water seal every 3 to 5 years.

Warranty period: Two years from date of purchase.

This warranty covers all manufacturing defects on the watch itself (movement, watch case, glass).

The warranty does not cover:

- Failure or damage caused by improper use or carelessness (knocks, dents, crushing, broken crystal, etc.)

- Aesthetic changes that occur during normal wear and aging (scratches, etc. on; the watch case and / or the glass, changing the color of the bracelet, or peeling of the plating)

To make a warranty claim fill in the contact form on the page Contact Us, or by sending an e-mail to "".

You must provide your name, address and order number and a detailed description of the problem. The cost associated with the return is paid by us if you follow our procedures.


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We are a Norwegian watch brand that was established in 2017 by three Norwegian watch enthusiasts. We design and do all development in Norway, while production takes place abroad. We search the world for high-quality components such as stainless surgical steel and scratch-resistant sapphire glass with an anti-reflection coating on the inside. Miyota, Seiko or Sellita movements respectively from Japan or Switzerland. Swiss Super-LumiNova® and full-grain leather from Italy or Horween leather from Chicago in the USA


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