Embracing Analog Watches: A Timeless Choice for Men and Women

Embracing Analog Watches: A Timeless Choice for Men and Women

In this insightful article, ÁIGI's Co-owner, Aleksander, addresses a common query about the relevance of analog watches in today's tech-driven world. He affirms the enduring appeal of analog timepieces despite the rise of smartwatches and mobile phones. Reflecting on the essence of ÁIGI, he emphasizes the significance of analog watches in fostering present-moment awareness and cherishing valuable time.

A common query I encounter is, "Do people still opt for analog watches?" This question often arises from those who have swapped their analog timepieces for either smartwatches or simply rely on their mobile phones. Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding yes! Yet, it's evident that the market has witnessed a shift, with new tech gadgets edging out the classic wristwatch.


Reflecting on this, I find myself returning to the very motivation behind launching ÁIGI – to offer a range of analog watches. I'd like to share my thoughts on this matter.


Present Moment Awareness: The Role of Analog Watches

Have you ever been engaged in a conversation, glanced at your smartwatch or phone, and intercepted what seemed like a "critical" notification? Perhaps you paused the conversation, explaining, "Just a moment, something crucial came up." Or, during moments with your children, you checked the time on your phone only to be pulled into a work email or a Facebook update. I've encountered these scenarios countless times, moments of potential connection disrupted by the digital world.


Time as Our Most Precious Resource: Choosing Analog

This realization grew stronger after becoming a parent. Each instance of checking my phone threatened to pull me away from the present moment, potentially causing me to overlook small, yet profound, moments with them. Time, undoubtedly our most valuable asset, deserves thoughtful consideration. When time is this precious, there's no need for every glance at the time to be accompanied by distracting digital notifications. Wearing an analog watch significantly reduces this likelihood, allowing you to maintain your focus on the current moment.


The ÁIGI Triangle: A Symbol of Mindful Living

This fundamental belief forms the cornerstone of ÁIGI and is represented by the triangle we try to incorporate in all of our designs, encapsulating our motto, "live in the moment." Let this emblem serve as a constant reminder each time you glance at your ÁIGI watch.

Moreover, few accessories rival the impact of a stylish analog watch on an outfit. But that's a discussion for another time..

- Aleksander, Co-owner and CEO of ÁIGI

Should you find yourself tempted by the allure of an analog watch once more, feel free to explore our carefully curated selection of analog watches for men and women.


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