Custom Watch Projects

Custom Watch Projects

Dive into one of our most unique watch collections, created in collaboration with KSAT, inspired by satellite ground stations. Each watch carries the story from the first antenna built in Antarctica, and the design tells a visual narrative of the beautiful sky colors in the polar region.

Building on our past successes with custom projects, we now aim to broaden our horizons. If you have dreams of a specially designed watch with unique materials or a distinctive story, we are ready to explore the possibilities together with you.

Unique Collection Inspired by Satellite Ground Stations

In collaboration with KSAT (Kongsberg Satellite Services), we created a distinctive watch collection. Employees received a specially customized version of these watches as Christmas gifts, while a separate collection was also made available for public sale.

The Story Behind Each Watch

Every watch in the public collection contains steel from the first antenna built by KSAT in Antarctica.

In February 2022, during maintenance work at Troll Ground Station in Antarctica, we extracted steel from the first antenna that was built there. The crown, shaped like a satellite ground station, incorporates this steel, allowing you to feel the connection to the universe every time you check the time.


Watch Designs that Tells a Story

The three unique dial colors in the collection draw inspiration from the three most beautiful and exotic colors in the Antarctic sky:

  1. The beautiful Polar Blue color during clear skies.
  2. Polar White (during a snowstorm).
  3. The lovely Polar Peach color during sunset.

Inspired by the radomes that protect the antennas at the Troll ground station, the dials feature a texture that reflects their characteristic shaped appearance.

The second hand, equipped with an illuminated BGW9 satellite, visualizes satellites orbiting the dial shaped like a ground station. With an automatic movement, this satellite smoothly glides over the radome-inspired dial. The case back, with a sapphire glass window, provides a unique visualization of the Earth, with an engraved satellite ground station, as well as a satellite and stars.

Custom Watch Projects? Get in touch with us

Based on our previous successes with custom projects, we are always on the lookout to expanding our horizons.

If you have dreams of a specially designed watch with special materials or a unique story, we are ready to explore the possibilities with you.

Contact us today to start a conversation about your ideas and opportunities. We look forward to potentially creating something extraordinary together!


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